Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mr. X and the Tale of Borobudur

I remember the first still, long lotus night in the passagragan’s portico – I was awake as Mr. X slept—so peacefully. As dawn arrived with her rose colored legions not a sound broke the stillness save the slow occasional rustle of palm branches and the song of birds. From the portico we had a splendid view of the terraced temple called Borobudur.

At breakfast the hostess told us a tale of the temple that arose before us – a multi layered epic of unrequited love.

The temple rose over night at the bidding of the King of Boro Boedor. It was not built by human hands, but by the King’s son, a god in his own right, in expectation of his princess bride. The prince built the temple to perfection.

The princess shaded by a golden umbrella spreading from a jeweled staff came to inspect the great work of art, with her royal retinue. She was a dream dressed Nelly Blues. She floated on the scent of clean citrus fruits and florals --- warm wood musk that enveloped the spirit of the Prince embracing him in the sensuality of the blues, sea greens, and golds of her oceanic spirit. Her gown was layered in brilliant tropic colors of the sea and sand… aqua melting to sea green and gold accented by exquisite tonal embroidery of silver and opalescent pearls of the rarest quality. How could he resist the Princess dressed in Nelly Blues…

The Princess gazed at this three- tiered temple in awe and reverence and spent hours admiring its walls and balustrades decorated with exquisitely carved bas- relief’s. Climbing the terraces she saw hundreds of statues serenely looking to Mount Meru. Reaching the summit of the temple, hand in hand with the prince she saw 72 openwork stupas, each containing a statue of the Buddha. She proclaimed the images and statues the most beautiful she had ever seen.

Sadly, she told the prince she could no more love him than the statues could love him as the beauty he created for her was for the pleasure of the Gods of Mount Meru and would take a lifetime to understand and appreciate. The Prince told her they had time enough. Flashing an irresistible smile, she turned and left the prince to brood upon the puzzle of the Eternal Feminine. He watched her depart in a swirl of the ocean aqua, blue, green and gold dressed in the color of a rainbow ---- Nelly Blues.

Sita Writer

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mr. X and the Land of Waking Dreams

A friend of ours --- recently got married and went on a cruise. As Mr. X and I were curled up in our new grotto listening to the gentle falling water splash over moss colored rocks – we decided that we would get terribly bored on a cruise…. With one exception…a cruise to the land of waking dreams – to the islands in the ring of fire. We arrived at dawn. As the sun rose we stood hand and hand watching gray blue mountains rise from the sea, grow in height, massive volcanic peaks of the most lovely proportions, dominating the purest, pale-blue sky. Soft clouds floated up and clung to the summits; the blue and green at the water’s edge merged into groves and lines of palms; and over the sea and sky. Mr. X told me that the wonderland before us had all the elements of the dewy freshness of dawn in Eden. Sita smiles, he always takes me to such profoundly beautiful places. A skyline of tall areca palms, massed flame trees, and tamarinds, with vivid-leafed bougainvillea vines pouring down from one tree top and mantling two or three smaller trees filled the immediate view from the great portico hall where we sat drinking our morning tea. Suddenly a flurry of brilliantly colored butterflies flashed like tongues of flame across our view followed by scarlet minivers, and crimson and black orioles. A soft whistle from Mr. X brought a flock of azure and iris winged pigeons that settled before us in all the sheen and beauty of their plumage. Just beyond were more butterflies flashing amid the flowers with intense prismatic blues—like gleaming sapphires amid the emerald green forest that was overpowering with fresh sweetness. At that moment Mr. X gave me Nubria in Green– a sensually sheer skirt accented with delicate green lace around the bottom edge of skirt, drawing attention to finally detailed stockings. The top is made of the sheerest black silk with hints of green to keep me cool in the tropic heat. As I admired the shirt, I saw two delicately colored butterflies on each arm in scintillating greens and pinks and yellows. Turning the top over, I saw the most elegant butterfly intricate in its beauty emblazoned on the back of the shirt. Thanking Mr. X -- I looked deep into his eyes knowing that our adventure renews itself endlessly as our relationship continues to grow into an epic love that will be treasured like the fragile beauty of a butterfly.

Sita Writer
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mr X and Dentelle Dream....

I have had better weeks -- in RL the flu -- whatever you do --- don't get it !! In SL, sadly, I only saw Mr. X for five minutes. It seems he has the flu as well ---- could it have been all those fabulous virtual kisses :)))) oh la la! Tonight, I think of Mr. X with great tenderness. I am lounging on the balcony of my Moroccan Palace designed by Satir DeCuir dressed in CD’s alabaster Dentelle Dream -- a delicately sensual sheer white floral fantasy. If only Mr. X could be with me now…. The sheer lace camisole – so soft against my skin, it is a form fitting floral alabaster mosaic creating images of fire ---- and luxurious indulgences. The white lace thong is delectable -- the transparent stockings are made of the finest silk accented by a border of cream white lace. When the camisole, stockings and thong are combined with CD’s exquisitely detailed garter belt the entire ensemble is transformed into an exquisite dream of textured alabaster. To pass the time until Mr. X steps out of moon glow, I will write a poem for him on a note card and drop it in his profile --- he will find me waiting for him ---adorned in a mix of textured alabaster lace – soft and alluring – Dentelle Dream….

Everyone is sleeping. Nothing wakes. The woods are motionless. The wind is down to a whisper. Sleep hums like current -- yes, audibly --- through the night. The evening star rises like a flaming wick. Hills fit into hills like lovers, their great straddling thighs clasping still greater darkness where they meet. A star breaks, arcs down the night --- like God striking a match across the cathedral ceiling. Therefore I wish: see my lips move: making your name. It is so still. I am sure that you must hear me

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Mr. X and Gold Temptation

Did you ever wonder about the mysterious essence of events that make up your life? Some are pale, weak not lasting; others so vivid. What causes the choice of memory? What causes certain events to fade and others to gain flawlessness and spice? I sit and recall an especially vivid memory of Mr. X. I wore ----- "Gold Temptation" – a stunningly sheer golden gown iridescent in the midday sun embellished by the finest cream colored lace. The silky sheer top is perfectly cut to accentuate my figure in a softly sensual and feminine way --- making me feel like a golden goddess ! Smiles at CD’s genius… he always knows how to make a woman feel her best. My mind drifts down the sweet lane of memories to the last time I saw Mr. X – I was sitting on my golden chair, Egyptian in style on the highest level of my opulent Roman styled pool designed by Satir DeCuir. The pool is elegantly graced with marble columns, swathed with gold gilded wreaths and fountains that circulate the water. There are places to sit and float to relax and dream among its terraces. As I contemplated the view to the sea, Mr. X stepped out of a rainbow -- his face is astonishing --- the fine clear lines of his cheekbone, his full sensuous mouth, intense blue eyes like the deepest part of the ocean at dawn and his tousled golden hair shinning like moon glow – he is very image of what mystics or poets – - or technical wizards should look like. Together we sat gazing across the sand to the sea of possibilities beyond. I recalled the universe Mr. X made me ---it has inspired a constellation of ideas….. “Mr. X, I think we need a series of marble reflecting pools that will form a ribbon of blue water all the way to the ocean” Mr. X as always smiled and said – how can I refuse you --- my golden goddess in that lovely dress… you outshine the sun herself.” (sita thinks -- thank -you CD) As we sat and talked – on the upper terrace -- fanned by two slaves – the most miraculous pools began to appear… pink marble – azure blue water a fabulous fountain – a gift from Satir DeCuir placed on an amazing mosaic tiled floor. “Mr. X I exclaimed – this is what golden dreams are made of – I can’t believe you have done all of this!” He smiles at me and said, “ My golden goddess, as we stroll along these pools – they will reflect you in your golden glory – you look beautiful -- a "golden temptation"--- it is as warm and kind as your soul.” My golden one you are the flower of everything, you’re stylization, the perfume and essence of my universe. Golden Temptation ... Sita Writer Read more!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mr. X and the Stars.....

It is close to midnight and I was so sleepy…. Until Mr.X’s name appeared with his usual greeting… and an invitation to float with him in space. Drifting entwined in his arms we floated in a brilliantly illuminated sky amid planets of fabulous fuchsia, magnificent magenta, radiant red and vivid vermillion. As we floated Mr. X pulled me closer to him and whispered you in my arms – like liquid moonlight and your eyes outshine the stars. Sita sighs… he is so romantic.

Mr. X this is so beautiful – wouldn’t it be nice to have a mural of the universe in my gazebo – so when we danced there we could dance and gaze up at our own private universe. He smiled at me and said, let me think about that --- as he gently kissed me goodnight.

The next morning, in front of my Moroccan Palace, I found a beautiful black box from CD with a note on it. Mr. X asked me to meet him at the hilltop gazebo overlooking the ocean at 9. I couldn’t wait to see him!

Opening the box was one of the most splendid dresses I have ever seen –Diana. Breathtakingly beautiful Diana is periwinkle blue ingeniously embellished with a constellation of glowing white light – evoking the starlight of the milky way.

The day passed so slowly as I waited to meet Mr. X at the hilltop gazebo – hoping to tantalize him wrapped in the cosmos. In fact, he has tantalized me as he takes my hand and leads me to the gazebo to dance under the universe he has made for us to enjoy….

Sita Writer
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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mr. X and the Cherry Blossoms

Inside every story, there is a beautiful journey. Today Mr. X invited me to his Rokujo Mansion a resplendent establishment set amid mountains and rivers, waterfalls and stone pathways surrounded by spring gardens. Low forests of dwarf pines mantled the hills and islets and fringe the shores of ponds. The growth of these trees had been fashioned so that their branches leaped and coiled, suggesting the undulating, animated play of dragons. Winding pathways bordered by clustered growth of low bamboos, camillas and various shrubs and stones lead to vantaged viewing points. Mr. X is man of great aesthetic sensibility...as I have come to see more and more.

We meandered along a path strewn with cherry blossoms to a beautiful garden punctuated by flowing shrubs chosen for springtime enjoyment – red plum, cherry, wisteria, azalea. In the center of the garden was a simple bamboo Tea House that overlooked a beautiful waterfall and rock garden whose sand was raked like waves of the sea. It was so serene and peaceful listening to the flowing water and looking deeply into his eyes.

The room was devoid of any decoration except for a scroll painting selected by Mr. X that revealed the theme of the tea ceremony. The scroll was a beautiful painting of cherry trees and gently falling blossoms over an idealized landscape of indescribable beauty. He smiled at me as he whisked the tea and ladled the hot water from the kettle into the tea bowl. The tea was delicious. As the afternoon sun began to fade, he presented me with a lovely scrolled tied with a pink ribbon…tears filled my eyes when I read his words…

yumeji ni wa
ashi mo yasumezu
utsutsu ni hitome
mishigoto wa arazu

Though I go to you
ceaselessly along dream paths,
the sum of those trysts
is less than a single glimpse
granted in the waking world.

Attached to the scroll, was a gift box from CD – Marylynn ! It captured the spirit of the day perfectly with its sleek and shimmering colors of lush cherry blossom pink silk with artfully woven grey blue accents that give it depth and sensuality. Marylynn will always remind me of this day spent with Mr. X and the Cherry Blossoms--- I treasure it and so will you....

In this world
Temples of the soul built
As Spirit houses on the water
Fulfilling our inner sprits.

I cannot wait to see Mr. X again.

Sita Writer
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mr. X and the Angel Fish

Mr. X, my beloved took my hand and led me to the edge of the crystalline waters of the bay --- slowly we descended deep into the sapphire depths of the sea—drifting down slowly to his underwater palace and garden… it was beautiful --- the silence and the indigo all around us… we spoke of many things that evening – life and luck -- and the lattice of coincidences that brought us together… suddenly in the distance, a bright yellow and black swirl of angel fish emerged –luminous in the cerulean depths --- I smiled and said – Oh Mr. X look at those beautiful angel fish aren’t they glorious they illuminate the depths – he looked at me smiling and said, my darling you are my angel fish dressed in yellow and black – sitting here lighting up what has been dark for so long….. Looking down, I realized I was wearing marquis in yellow and black… whimsical and exotic a vibrant glow for an enchanting evening under the sea….

To be continued.....

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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Blues....Smoking Hot

Tonight, my sweet prince told me -- he has the blues... so I am thinking of taking him to a smoke filled blues club where the music seers your soul and your body tingles with that slow southern beat -- that is so elemental... and uplifting! Now, what to wear to tantalize my sweet one... to warm his thoughts... Marquis in Red and Black -- Steam Punk and sexy comes immediately to mind to clear away the blues! Putting it on I feel like a heroine rescuing him from "the blues" in red and black.... that bespeaks of romance and secret rendezvous..... The top top will pamper his senses with daring details like the crisscross front lacing and the stretchy, caressing fit...so suggestive... as we dance he comments on the the belt and fishnet stockings -- he loves them and of course the gloves that adorn my arms... The mini skirt is a sensation that flourishes in the wee witching hours of dawn--- think of all the enchantments that will reveal themselves --- when wearing Marquis in Red and Black --- smoking hot to chase away the blues......


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eye catcher.... !

It was a typical sl night -- last evening as I went to my favorite club -- without any real expectations...but I was hoping that there was a hint of romance in the air. Out of a ray of light -- a most handsome gentleman asked me to dance and I accepted. As we swayed and swirled around the dancefloor under full moon -- I asked him -- how he choose me to dance with -- as there were so many beautiful women lingering at the club. He told me he noticed what I was wearing and thought the combination of colors and textures was alluring and beautiful as the woman wearing it....omg how much better can it get??? Ladies, I was wearing Nelly Ocra-- the elegant long skirt with its the flowing colors of yellow and coral streaked with silver lace -- and the sheer multi colored top set off by a delicate lace collar..... This stunning outfit is a real "eye catcher "--- get Nelly Ocra and find out just how eye catching you can be!

We parted as friends... I do hope to see him again......

To be continued.......

Sita Writer

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