Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mr. X and The Monk

Reaching the summit of the temple, we were surrounded by 72 stuppas, each one embellished by silver and gold lattice that shown as brilliantly as the sun itself. I felt we had reached another universe or dimension. Inside each stupa sat a serene Buddha of the darkest stone – looking outward toward Mount Meru with the eternal smile of serene confidence. Sitting alone surrounded by this sumptuous monument was a small man bent and wizened. He wore gracefully draped saffron colored robes. He smiled and invited us to sit with him. He looked at me dramatically attired in Marquis in Green – he smiled and said, Princess you are like a goddess of fecundity…. in that luscious green and black… satin and leather gown accented by lace and crowned by flowing black hair. He thought I looked like a living Apsara, a celestial maiden – pleasing to the Gods bringing joy and love to the temple and landscape…Marquise in green is like a magnificent emerald rare and treasured --- unforgettable as the lush landscape that surrounded us. In the elegance of Nathalia's flowing red and silver my eyes meet Mr. X's-- in the sweet bliss of acknowledgement that that a little part of me in Mr. X will be there always -- cherished.... The monk began to tell us a tale of a city…. He asked --- "can you imagine a white city, rising up majestically at the estuary of a river, a city whose history goes back to the dawn of time… a city whose beauty and culture was enhanced over the centuries by kings and queens, nobles and merchants… a royal city…." He told us that we sat in the very heart of that once great city … As we listened to the cadence of his voice -- under the hot tropic sun and gentle spice breeze -- he began to weave a spell ---- that left us sitting in rapt amazement as he continued to tell the tale of the prince and princess………….

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mr. X Explores Borobudor

After hearing the tale of the bewitching princess, Mr. X and I headed out into the steamy rose- colored dawn to explore this edifice built in hope of winning the love of a beloved princess.

This massive temple is exquisitely set amid a verdant plain surrounded by rice fields and wave upon wave of multi colored flowers that dazzled the eye to the hibiscus blue horizon. As we approached the temple, Mr. X thought it looked like a colossal wedding cake of relief’s… I thought ---how fitting… for the love of a sweet prince for his princess.

We began our ascent up a black lava staircase adorned with graceful gold gilded Apsara’s and turned onto a seemingly endless corridor of relief’s depicting festivals and celestial ceremonies, journeys and adventures –and of course scenes of passionate embraces and midnight rendevous. I loved the relief’s where the prince offered the princess her choice of a vast array of priceless jewels, precious porcelain, richly colored carpets and embroidered silks truly a treasure trove of delight…. and of course a caravan of fashions inspired by CD Benelli. As they walked hand in hand gentle kinari’s strewn -- flower petals around their feet and precious incense swirled like gentle rain.

Corridors lead to hidden courtyards of ivory and ochre—stairways and hidden passageways lead to more relief’s and stairs….Mr. X took my hand as we explored this maze of marvels that celebrated the lives of the prince and princess -- tales unfurling before us like a toreador’s cape...dramatic -- sedate -- passionate --- a life carved in stone... memories built for eternity.

Climbing the first and second terraces of this great temple hand in hand – I fell in love all over again with my Prince, Mr. X – thankful for the adventures we have had and looking forward to the ones to come.

Together we wonder how the Prince and Princess will meet what city... on what street or bazaar... perhaps it shall be at a sumptious banquet or in a quiet garden under the naked brilliance of the night sky..........

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