Monday, August 17, 2009

Mr. X in the land of Komodo

Mr. X stepped out of a rainbow onto my dancing deck – it had been so long since I felt his warm embrace…how I have missed his wise consul. Sita – let us drift and explore forgotten kingdoms of silk and gold, revel with firewalkers, pearl divers and pirates…dance with silk turbaned villains and bejeweled courtesans…. As he took my hand he told me that we would follow the monsoon trading cycle in search of fragrant spices, rare animals, exotic butterflies, and iridescent flora and fauna. He handed me a beautiful black box with a golden ribbon – inside was a splendidly soft silken outfit called Red Dragon… the crimson slacks were emblazoned with golden dragons… the top was intricately and erotically woven with diamonds that sparkled up the afternoon. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t wait to wear it --- I felt like a dragon queen ready to pounce on the next adventure….. Mr X said one word….Komodo. I was ready. We approached Komodo island's steep jungled hillsides to see the giant mythical Komodo Dragons… the largest lizards in the world with fire tongues and powerful tails… they are one of the largest predators – known for their stealth – their powerful jaws, serrated teeth and toxic saliva that causes lethal infections once bitten. Perched on a rocky outcrop high above the azure ocean we watched these large beasts as they hunt. It is an incredible spectacle of power, stealth and cunning. As we wandered this idyllic island – we heard a soft wailing—and whimpering sound…slowly we approached a cave --- only to find an ailing wounded dragoness. Much like Androcles, the mythic hero, Mr. X went to her and gently pulled a large thorn from her footpad, and bandaged it. As a result, the Dragoness with her yellow fire tongue, much like the golden color of the dragons on my pants became our escort providing safe passage for Mr. X and me throughtout the magical kingdom of Komodo. Read more!