Monday, June 15, 2009

Mr. X and the Reflecting Pools….

Sometimes we do silly things… other times downright stupid things. Upon our return from the “Emerald Isle” Mr. X decided to make a romantic garden…for us…to enjoy. He laid down the most elaborate reflecting pools of pink marble. Between the two pools, he made a marble mosaic that picked up the colors of the water and marble reflecting pools. He artfully placed a beautiful three tiered fountain in the Moroccan style made by Satir De Cuir on the marble mosaic creating a beautiful centerpiece for the pools.

Strolling around the reflecting pools, Mr. X designed elaborate pathways that led to our large roman pleasure pool. As we sat on the high terrace of the pool looking across the landscape – we saw an azure ribbon of water to the sea. In a quite moment, Mr. X suggested that the landscape needed a meadow of flowers… rare rhododendrons, heritage red roses, perhaps a secretive path that would wind down past limestone cliffs and offer glimpses of a river, lily ponds and a wild meadow beyond…. I called on my Celtic friend Kittie to help me design a landscape of flowers from a dream… unmanicured, informal, intimate and romantic all at once… I believe the very essence of romance is its uncertainty.

Standing in a sea of roses punctuated by brightly colored butterflies watching the moonlight silvering the dark foliage of the orange trees….a gentle wafting breeze …. the fragrance of orange, lemon, honeysuckle and plumeria -- a mockingbird singing…..I wait for Mr. X. In the distance, I see night blooming jasmine, moonflowers, spring rice, and butterfly ginger that look like luminous butterflies in the deepening dusk of night.

I decided to put on one of my favorites from CD’s ever growing collection… Celtic Cindy…. luxuriantly green, soft and supple silk with white lace gloves and stockings…crowned by a floral Celtic symbol on the back of the sheer silk shirt… it is perfect for a languorous evening stroll and dance under the stars. It makes me feel alluring as I stand in this romantic garden looking at all the beauty reflected in the pools….

Looking around… I noticed a swan landed in the reflecting pool…hmmm I thought – the swan does not belong there… so I took it… along with the entire reflecting pool… I could not believe my eyes… gone in a poof…don’t you just hate when you do that!!

Within minutes, like my knight in shining amour, Mr. X appeared with a wiry smile, he said, I think I have something you may want back…and with great flourish the reflecting pool appeared again… Mr. X, can you please lock it…. He smiled and said I already did!

Sita Writer

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