Friday, September 26, 2008

The Blues....Smoking Hot

Tonight, my sweet prince told me -- he has the blues... so I am thinking of taking him to a smoke filled blues club where the music seers your soul and your body tingles with that slow southern beat -- that is so elemental... and uplifting! Now, what to wear to tantalize my sweet one... to warm his thoughts... Marquis in Red and Black -- Steam Punk and sexy comes immediately to mind to clear away the blues! Putting it on I feel like a heroine rescuing him from "the blues" in red and black.... that bespeaks of romance and secret rendezvous..... The top top will pamper his senses with daring details like the crisscross front lacing and the stretchy, caressing suggestive... as we dance he comments on the the belt and fishnet stockings -- he loves them and of course the gloves that adorn my arms... The mini skirt is a sensation that flourishes in the wee witching hours of dawn--- think of all the enchantments that will reveal themselves --- when wearing Marquis in Red and Black --- smoking hot to chase away the blues......


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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eye catcher.... !

It was a typical sl night -- last evening as I went to my favorite club -- without any real expectations...but I was hoping that there was a hint of romance in the air. Out of a ray of light -- a most handsome gentleman asked me to dance and I accepted. As we swayed and swirled around the dancefloor under full moon -- I asked him -- how he choose me to dance with -- as there were so many beautiful women lingering at the club. He told me he noticed what I was wearing and thought the combination of colors and textures was alluring and beautiful as the woman wearing it....omg how much better can it get??? Ladies, I was wearing Nelly Ocra-- the elegant long skirt with its the flowing colors of yellow and coral streaked with silver lace -- and the sheer multi colored top set off by a delicate lace collar..... This stunning outfit is a real "eye catcher "--- get Nelly Ocra and find out just how eye catching you can be!

We parted as friends... I do hope to see him again......

To be continued.......

Sita Writer

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