Friday, March 13, 2009

Mr. X and the Slender Virgin

As Mr. X and I joined Princess Alana we heard the tale of the Temple of Prambanan and the Prince…her true and fatal love. She led us through a labyrinth of connecting corridors--- levels of clear blue water --- gilded green grottos of falling water ---surrounded by richly carved walls of black lava -- this place is like a dream --- of black, aqua and pink– reminding me of Cd’s Bertha --- sensual tight black latex with sweet aqua and spandex pink socks --- so alluring… i love the aqua spandex top -- tattered and torn in all the right places -- and a sexy black skirt that swirls back and forth as I follow the princess through the corridors of the taman sari water palace. As the incense spiraled she began to spin her tale of the legend of Prince Bandung who fell in love with Princess Lara Jonggrang, the daughter of King Boko. The princess rejected his proposal of marriage because Prince Bandung had killed King Boko and ruled her kingdom. Prince Bandung insisted on the union, and finally Princess Lara Jonggrang was forced to agree to marry the prince. Trying to think of a way to avoid the marriage the Princess posed one impossible condition: that Prince Bandung must build her a thousand temples in only one night. The Prince entered into meditation and conjured up a multitude of spirits and demons from the heaven and hell. Helped by these supernatural beings, the Prince succeeded in building 999 temples by the time the sun rose. When the prince was about to complete the condition, the princess woke and ordered her palace maids to begin pounding rice --- the maids set a fire to the east of the temple being built by the Prince, attempting to make the prince and the spirits believe that the sun was about to rise. As the cocks began to crow, fooled by the light and the sounds of morning, the supernatural helpers fled back into the ground, leaving one more temple to be built. The prince was furious about the trick and in revenge he cursed Princess Lara Jonggrang to stone. The princess became the last and the most beautiful of the thousand statues built by the prince. According to the traditions, the unfinished thousandth temple created by the demons become the Sewu temple (Sewu means "thousands" in Javanese), and the Princess is the image of Durga in the north cell of the Shiva temple at Prambanan, which is still known as Lara Jonggrang or Slender Virgin. Read more!