Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lavender -- Lace & The Khamsin

It is that time of year again -- when the land becomes hot and dry --- a khamsin wind sweeping the land.... at sunset it turns the sky red with the dust creating -- afterglow ...bringing back memories of lovemaking -- for hours -- as the sun sinks into the river and twilight emerges with her purple sirens softly beckoning the cool caressing winds of midnight. Outside my tent I wait for Mr. X to arrive --- I cannot wait for his warm embrace and to submit to him in an erotic celebration of us…so wanton… perfect…so enticingly hot…submission to passion is joy….

What shall I wear to beguile... I look to Gwen a new design by CD and one of his best yet....I feel like an enchantress in the sheer lace silk top with strategically placed roses adorning my breasts and the elegant lace skirt sheer and sexy that is shot with lavender and silver that flows around soft silk stockings with beautiful lace accents. Gwen evokes a beautiful, sexy silhouette.

As I wait for Mr. X I imagine kissing him– amid a fragrant sea of lavender flowers ....

Gently he tugs at the silvery lace of my skirt…he whispers that he loves the way it falls at my ankles like a cluster of hyacinths...softly he takes me in his arms...and is amazed by the sultry silken silver threads of my camisole ---he whispers... this my darling is an outfit made for a night of passion... hot, carnal...essential...eternal like the winds of the Khamsin....
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