Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Alps… and Mr. X

As I emerged from my steamy bath of lavender, jasmine and sandalwood – Mr. X stepped out of a cloud of steam with the softest most luxurious towel…as he enfolded me in the towel and then his arms – he kissed my neck and told me I smelled delectable – like the scent of his favorite childhood memory. Ah Mr. X, the sense of smell is so important – and sometimes a sense that we take for granted and do not often think about. He smiled at me as he always does, pulling me closer to him – he whispered let me take you to a place where the scent of the air is as fresh as the beginning of time itself.
Dressed in one of my all time favorites. Dentella in white lace I awaited Mr. X’s tp….

The air was crystalline cold, the sky a deep sapphire blue as I gazed upon a primordial deep lake of diamantine clarity surrounded by the Swiss Alps…Mr. X transported me to the fairy tale village of St Moritz…and I was freezing in my white lace…. True to form Mr. X handed me a large box --- he said Sita my love – wearing this you will outshine the northern lights…shaking from the cold I opened the package to find the most beautiful PETA approved fur coat I have ever seen – the blend and balance of furs and leather – soft – warm – sensual was perfection… it seems that CD has outdone himself with this decadent fur coat….sexy and warm. As Mr. X helped me put the coat on….I felt like an alpine queen as I gazed around at this frozen landscape that is alive and majestic – not comparable to anything, not repeated anyplace --- aware of its own ancient place and its own life force – I felt alive and invigorated as Mr. X took my hand and led me to a sleigh…

I wrapped my fur around me as the sleigh climbed the majestic Alps --- their peaks soaring higher and higher, presenting spectacular scenery of textured whites blended with grey and lush forest green….here amidst the awe-inspiring peaks, we found a special place of solitude where we reflected upon the world below and of our love of adventure, glamour and beauty…..

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Mr. X in the land of Komodo

Mr. X stepped out of a rainbow onto my dancing deck – it had been so long since I felt his warm embrace…how I have missed his wise consul. Sita – let us drift and explore forgotten kingdoms of silk and gold, revel with firewalkers, pearl divers and pirates…dance with silk turbaned villains and bejeweled courtesans…. As he took my hand he told me that we would follow the monsoon trading cycle in search of fragrant spices, rare animals, exotic butterflies, and iridescent flora and fauna. He handed me a beautiful black box with a golden ribbon – inside was a splendidly soft silken outfit called Red Dragon… the crimson slacks were emblazoned with golden dragons… the top was intricately and erotically woven with diamonds that sparkled up the afternoon. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t wait to wear it --- I felt like a dragon queen ready to pounce on the next adventure….. Mr X said one word….Komodo. I was ready. We approached Komodo island's steep jungled hillsides to see the giant mythical Komodo Dragons… the largest lizards in the world with fire tongues and powerful tails… they are one of the largest predators – known for their stealth – their powerful jaws, serrated teeth and toxic saliva that causes lethal infections once bitten. Perched on a rocky outcrop high above the azure ocean we watched these large beasts as they hunt. It is an incredible spectacle of power, stealth and cunning. As we wandered this idyllic island – we heard a soft wailing—and whimpering sound…slowly we approached a cave --- only to find an ailing wounded dragoness. Much like Androcles, the mythic hero, Mr. X went to her and gently pulled a large thorn from her footpad, and bandaged it. As a result, the Dragoness with her yellow fire tongue, much like the golden color of the dragons on my pants became our escort providing safe passage for Mr. X and me throughtout the magical kingdom of Komodo. Read more!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mr. X and the Reflecting Pools….

Sometimes we do silly things… other times downright stupid things. Upon our return from the “Emerald Isle” Mr. X decided to make a romantic garden…for us…to enjoy. He laid down the most elaborate reflecting pools of pink marble. Between the two pools, he made a marble mosaic that picked up the colors of the water and marble reflecting pools. He artfully placed a beautiful three tiered fountain in the Moroccan style made by Satir De Cuir on the marble mosaic creating a beautiful centerpiece for the pools.

Strolling around the reflecting pools, Mr. X designed elaborate pathways that led to our large roman pleasure pool. As we sat on the high terrace of the pool looking across the landscape – we saw an azure ribbon of water to the sea. In a quite moment, Mr. X suggested that the landscape needed a meadow of flowers… rare rhododendrons, heritage red roses, perhaps a secretive path that would wind down past limestone cliffs and offer glimpses of a river, lily ponds and a wild meadow beyond…. I called on my Celtic friend Kittie to help me design a landscape of flowers from a dream… unmanicured, informal, intimate and romantic all at once… I believe the very essence of romance is its uncertainty.

Standing in a sea of roses punctuated by brightly colored butterflies watching the moonlight silvering the dark foliage of the orange trees….a gentle wafting breeze …. the fragrance of orange, lemon, honeysuckle and plumeria -- a mockingbird singing…..I wait for Mr. X. In the distance, I see night blooming jasmine, moonflowers, spring rice, and butterfly ginger that look like luminous butterflies in the deepening dusk of night.

I decided to put on one of my favorites from CD’s ever growing collection… Celtic Cindy…. luxuriantly green, soft and supple silk with white lace gloves and stockings…crowned by a floral Celtic symbol on the back of the sheer silk shirt… it is perfect for a languorous evening stroll and dance under the stars. It makes me feel alluring as I stand in this romantic garden looking at all the beauty reflected in the pools….

Looking around… I noticed a swan landed in the reflecting pool…hmmm I thought – the swan does not belong there… so I took it… along with the entire reflecting pool… I could not believe my eyes… gone in a poof…don’t you just hate when you do that!!

Within minutes, like my knight in shining amour, Mr. X appeared with a wiry smile, he said, I think I have something you may want back…and with great flourish the reflecting pool appeared again… Mr. X, can you please lock it…. He smiled and said I already did!

Sita Writer

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mr. X and Opalescent Night

Mr. X asked me to join him for dinner and a romantic dance under the star studded sky… on beautiful Lake Pichola…. He tped me to a magnificent jetty where a gold barge with red sails was waiting to transport us to what seemed to be a sparking opal in the moonlight --- the Lake Palace on Jag Niwas island… it’s allure is enchantment and romance that is unforgettable.

The entrance is made of the whitest marble I have ever seen and its courtyards are lined with columns and pillared terraces, fountains and gardens. Oh Mr. X – this is so regal – he smiles at me and says, my darling do you think I would forget your birthday ? I want this night to be of splendors most people dream about. He takes my hand and leads me to the upper terrace that is a perfect circle – the floor is inlaid with black and white marbles from the most treasured quarries and the walls are richly ornamented with niches and decorated with arabesques of different colored stones…layers of patterns…..

On the terrace Mr. X handed me a beautiful box wrapped in colors of the night – Mr. X said – please open it – a gift fit for my princess… inside was CD’s Daniela --- the blouse a dream of sheer silk – richly patterned with arabesques – subtle and sexy --- richly accented with buttons and enhanced by a beautiful collar to show off the neckline…. And a simple black heavy silk skirt edged with a ribbon of color – that swirls and sways sensuously against my legs ---- it is pleasure to touch…. Mr. X this is exquisite… he smiles at me as he always does……

After I slipped it on – I noticed that the richness of the marble walls of this magnificent palace are reminiscent of the swirls in my blouse – Mr. X drew me close to him – his strong arms around me caressing the sheer silk ---- we began to dance under the opalescent moon in the gleaming white marble palace – I did indeed feel like a beloved princess...looking forward to a horizon of possibilities that flow between Mr. X and I -- a current endlessly intriguing.....

Sita Writer

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sita and The "E" Factor...

I decided to apply for a promotion…. I worked hard and thought it was time to bring my status up in regard to my relationship with the company that I had been working on for a long time --- well over a year --- Evasion INC. I decided to "doll" myself up --- but --- what to wear? I know, the hottest executive wear on the grid ---- CD’s incomparable “Barbara”. .. sleek – modern – all business with a hint of seduction… elegant and professional. The jacket is understated and perfect -- with undertones of seduction like a beguiled memory --- always changing as the river of life and love ----hopes and dreams... continually flowing. I put it on and --- I looked at myself and I thought -- evade this --- Mr. "E"! I strolled into "Mr. E’s" office overlooking the city skyline – granted, I was nervous --- this promotion involved so many abstract ideas – and concepts – I wondered how he would like the presentation.... Personally, I don't think Mr. E likes abstractions that involve too many strokes of the keyboard. How can I hold myself back thinking about what I would like to stroke ---- he does enjoy looking at the plunging neckline of my soft silk shirt.... I see a gleam in his eyes... he values relationships... and ... partnerships are so terms of growth. I have to make this presentation, short and sweet just like the black skirt I am wearing that CD designed. Mr. E is so kind and so elusive --- and yet --- I think Barbara’s black silk and lace jacket with it's innocent pink shirt and plunging neckline will entice Mr. E to bring me into the partnership of the company…. Mr. E likes cat and mouse --- and he is sweet and looks at me and our work profile with respect and nods and smiles --- connection! I feel the fresh breeze of spring knowing we are twins of spirit no matter what we forsake....

Sita Writer
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Mr. X and the Slender Virgin

As Mr. X and I joined Princess Alana we heard the tale of the Temple of Prambanan and the Prince…her true and fatal love. She led us through a labyrinth of connecting corridors--- levels of clear blue water --- gilded green grottos of falling water ---surrounded by richly carved walls of black lava -- this place is like a dream --- of black, aqua and pink– reminding me of Cd’s Bertha --- sensual tight black latex with sweet aqua and spandex pink socks --- so alluring… i love the aqua spandex top -- tattered and torn in all the right places -- and a sexy black skirt that swirls back and forth as I follow the princess through the corridors of the taman sari water palace. As the incense spiraled she began to spin her tale of the legend of Prince Bandung who fell in love with Princess Lara Jonggrang, the daughter of King Boko. The princess rejected his proposal of marriage because Prince Bandung had killed King Boko and ruled her kingdom. Prince Bandung insisted on the union, and finally Princess Lara Jonggrang was forced to agree to marry the prince. Trying to think of a way to avoid the marriage the Princess posed one impossible condition: that Prince Bandung must build her a thousand temples in only one night. The Prince entered into meditation and conjured up a multitude of spirits and demons from the heaven and hell. Helped by these supernatural beings, the Prince succeeded in building 999 temples by the time the sun rose. When the prince was about to complete the condition, the princess woke and ordered her palace maids to begin pounding rice --- the maids set a fire to the east of the temple being built by the Prince, attempting to make the prince and the spirits believe that the sun was about to rise. As the cocks began to crow, fooled by the light and the sounds of morning, the supernatural helpers fled back into the ground, leaving one more temple to be built. The prince was furious about the trick and in revenge he cursed Princess Lara Jonggrang to stone. The princess became the last and the most beautiful of the thousand statues built by the prince. According to the traditions, the unfinished thousandth temple created by the demons become the Sewu temple (Sewu means "thousands" in Javanese), and the Princess is the image of Durga in the north cell of the Shiva temple at Prambanan, which is still known as Lara Jonggrang or Slender Virgin. Read more!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mr. X and Princess Alana

The Monk told us that we would find Princess Alana at Pranbanam, so in the late afternoon Mr. X and I began our journey to Pranbanam to seek an audience with Princess Alana.

We strolled along a broad country road, passing homes made of beautifully carved stone. Colorful piles of exotic fruits lined the road…crimson rambutans, bell shaped rose apples, pink dragon fruit with their creamy centers and delicate aroma and our favorite--- purple mangosteens whose pulp melts away in your mouth like a ripe peach or strawberry-- and has a taste which nobody can describe any more than one can tell how a canary sings or a rose smells. The road was shaded by large banyan trees draped with flowering vines. As the road curved there was a break in the wall of trees --- it was then that we caught our first glimpse of Pranbanam… home of Princess Alana.

Three wide avenues lined with reflecting pools and framed by lush plantings of red hibiscus are surrounded by four rows of 224 intricately carved shrines. Beyond, rising like a fantasy in stone on a central platform are the main shrines of Pranbanam… the Candi of Shiva the Destroyer, Vishnu the Preserver and Brahma the Creator. In the center of this massive fortification of sand and limestone, we were told to wait for the princess.

Princess Alana arrived resplendent before us accompanied by the sweet haunting sound of a gamelan orchestra – composed of metallophones, drums, flutes and other instruments whose wondrous music is pure and mysterious – like moonlight -- and always changing like flowing water. Princess Alana was wearing her namesake, "Alana" – a stunning ensemble of midnight reflected with moon glow – her skirt reflects 100,000 hours of desire --- Alana is on the wind… in the air… the scent of allure… the motion of a ship under full sail -- confident --- sexy --- tantalizing ----- a siren of the sea --- racing -----toward the heart of the horizon… a dream disloving in the lace intimacies of midnight yearning...the essence of passion...

We asked her how this fabulous fantasy of stone was built --- she invited us to join her at Taman Sari -- her water palace to hear the tale of Pranbanam......

Sita Writer
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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mr. X and The Monk

Reaching the summit of the temple, we were surrounded by 72 stuppas, each one embellished by silver and gold lattice that shown as brilliantly as the sun itself. I felt we had reached another universe or dimension. Inside each stupa sat a serene Buddha of the darkest stone – looking outward toward Mount Meru with the eternal smile of serene confidence. Sitting alone surrounded by this sumptuous monument was a small man bent and wizened. He wore gracefully draped saffron colored robes. He smiled and invited us to sit with him. He looked at me dramatically attired in Marquis in Green – he smiled and said, Princess you are like a goddess of fecundity…. in that luscious green and black… satin and leather gown accented by lace and crowned by flowing black hair. He thought I looked like a living Apsara, a celestial maiden – pleasing to the Gods bringing joy and love to the temple and landscape…Marquise in green is like a magnificent emerald rare and treasured --- unforgettable as the lush landscape that surrounded us. In the elegance of Nathalia's flowing red and silver my eyes meet Mr. X's-- in the sweet bliss of acknowledgement that that a little part of me in Mr. X will be there always -- cherished.... The monk began to tell us a tale of a city…. He asked --- "can you imagine a white city, rising up majestically at the estuary of a river, a city whose history goes back to the dawn of time… a city whose beauty and culture was enhanced over the centuries by kings and queens, nobles and merchants… a royal city…." He told us that we sat in the very heart of that once great city … As we listened to the cadence of his voice -- under the hot tropic sun and gentle spice breeze -- he began to weave a spell ---- that left us sitting in rapt amazement as he continued to tell the tale of the prince and princess………….

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mr. X Explores Borobudor

After hearing the tale of the bewitching princess, Mr. X and I headed out into the steamy rose- colored dawn to explore this edifice built in hope of winning the love of a beloved princess.

This massive temple is exquisitely set amid a verdant plain surrounded by rice fields and wave upon wave of multi colored flowers that dazzled the eye to the hibiscus blue horizon. As we approached the temple, Mr. X thought it looked like a colossal wedding cake of relief’s… I thought ---how fitting… for the love of a sweet prince for his princess.

We began our ascent up a black lava staircase adorned with graceful gold gilded Apsara’s and turned onto a seemingly endless corridor of relief’s depicting festivals and celestial ceremonies, journeys and adventures –and of course scenes of passionate embraces and midnight rendevous. I loved the relief’s where the prince offered the princess her choice of a vast array of priceless jewels, precious porcelain, richly colored carpets and embroidered silks truly a treasure trove of delight…. and of course a caravan of fashions inspired by CD Benelli. As they walked hand in hand gentle kinari’s strewn -- flower petals around their feet and precious incense swirled like gentle rain.

Corridors lead to hidden courtyards of ivory and ochre—stairways and hidden passageways lead to more relief’s and stairs….Mr. X took my hand as we explored this maze of marvels that celebrated the lives of the prince and princess -- tales unfurling before us like a toreador’s cape...dramatic -- sedate -- passionate --- a life carved in stone... memories built for eternity.

Climbing the first and second terraces of this great temple hand in hand – I fell in love all over again with my Prince, Mr. X – thankful for the adventures we have had and looking forward to the ones to come.

Together we wonder how the Prince and Princess will meet what city... on what street or bazaar... perhaps it shall be at a sumptious banquet or in a quiet garden under the naked brilliance of the night sky..........

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