Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Languid Sensual Fionia

Mr. X took me on an expedition into the primeval forest -- an ancient forest of great beauty... the air was warm and lightly scented with jasmine and the landscape was punctuated by languid rose and plum colored vines of wisteria.

Walking along a forest path -- we came to a magical pool with a sacred lotus floating and swaying in the middle -- it seemed to be beckoning me to explore its gentle blue silk like tentacles. Mr X whispered to me -- "Sita --go to the lotus -- there is a surprise waiting for you...."

I stood on the lotus and was engulfed... slowly to emerge from its glowing center -- I was transformed and dressed in a new creation by CD -- I felt as though I was Aphrodite emerging from the ocean in all her sensual splendar. CD's new creation, Fiona consists of a resplendent black lace silk jacket -- sensual silk stockings replete with lace --silken garders framed my legs and the smallest lace mini skirt I have ever seen was draped around tight black leather thongs.... complimented by a corset of leather with a zipper conveniently placed --- running down my ample chest... leather and lace --potent primeval sensuality....

Mr. X took me by the hand and we strode through this magical forest of sensuality...exhausting ourselves in excesses of all kinds, seeking every pleasure known to lovers, fired by images, and words and descriptions, of touch and taste and smell.....
Silk again, silk under the fingers, silk between legs, silky shoulders, neck, hair. Lips of silk under trembling fingers. In the forest -- it was like a night at an opium den, the caresses lengthened, the suspense preciously sustained... Mr. X it has been so long -- as fireworks implode...i surrender to your touch......

Sita Writer.....
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sensual Sense…

In the garden of my palace, a wide platform swing sways gently under two enormous mango trees…cicadas drone outside the garden walls beneath the rising sun…. slowly – shadows and sunlight dance around me – I feel adrift, tetherless, suspended, in the growing light.

A glimmer of red and pink catch my eye – a beautiful gift box has been lain at my feet --- feeling a surge of excitement, I wonder what CD has created this time……LOLA it says and as I open the box, I see one of CD’s most sultry designs to date.

Trying on the sheer body suit – it embraces my soft skin warm and scented with amber, patchouli and musk – I felt as one with this sexy design… as it coils around me – like a saffron colored silken snake --- deadly delicious – decadent and hypnotically beckoning…it curls around my nipples as hard as sea pearls offering oceans of delight…

Wearing this exquisite sheer lingerie is reminiscent of erotic scents that are edible, like succulent fruits, spices, vanilla, nutmeg, mango, --- they make you want to savor

each luscious lick.

Thinking of Mr. X – I realize that some of his wisdom resides in places where I did not initially think to look--- the the tips of his fingers and palms of his hands, in the dark hair that curls on his chest…sometimes his wisdom is not in words – but in touch; a poetry of stroking, of fondling, of embraces, of caresses dry and wet.

Echos of passionate memories cascading........ his hands tingle against me smooth, relentless, searching---- finding---- every flash point.... like this citron colored twisting silk--- that winds around me binding like rope – awakening the senses.......stoking a deep fire within.

Sublime in detail with shimmering veils of radiance--- I wait for him. In a secret place where time does not exist…and where desire makes us slaves.

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