Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Alps… and Mr. X

As I emerged from my steamy bath of lavender, jasmine and sandalwood – Mr. X stepped out of a cloud of steam with the softest most luxurious towel…as he enfolded me in the towel and then his arms – he kissed my neck and told me I smelled delectable – like the scent of his favorite childhood memory. Ah Mr. X, the sense of smell is so important – and sometimes a sense that we take for granted and do not often think about. He smiled at me as he always does, pulling me closer to him – he whispered let me take you to a place where the scent of the air is as fresh as the beginning of time itself.
Dressed in one of my all time favorites. Dentella in white lace I awaited Mr. X’s tp….

The air was crystalline cold, the sky a deep sapphire blue as I gazed upon a primordial deep lake of diamantine clarity surrounded by the Swiss Alps…Mr. X transported me to the fairy tale village of St Moritz…and I was freezing in my white lace…. True to form Mr. X handed me a large box --- he said Sita my love – wearing this you will outshine the northern lights…shaking from the cold I opened the package to find the most beautiful PETA approved fur coat I have ever seen – the blend and balance of furs and leather – soft – warm – sensual was perfection… it seems that CD has outdone himself with this decadent fur coat….sexy and warm. As Mr. X helped me put the coat on….I felt like an alpine queen as I gazed around at this frozen landscape that is alive and majestic – not comparable to anything, not repeated anyplace --- aware of its own ancient place and its own life force – I felt alive and invigorated as Mr. X took my hand and led me to a sleigh…

I wrapped my fur around me as the sleigh climbed the majestic Alps --- their peaks soaring higher and higher, presenting spectacular scenery of textured whites blended with grey and lush forest green….here amidst the awe-inspiring peaks, we found a special place of solitude where we reflected upon the world below and of our love of adventure, glamour and beauty…..

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